Tornado 1

Today was another day of rain. Heavier than yesterday and the wind was blowing strong. Again we had about one hour where me and Nadia dared to venture out, but we kept close to home in case the rain would start again.

Our TV is very wise and has close to 100 channels. Around 50% are religious and 25% are Spanish.

Around 17.30, while doing the dishes after Nadia’s tasty dinner, I heard a loud horn outside. Clearly some kind of alarm signal. It kept going for at least a full minute. Cre’s colleagues had told her about this. This must be a tornado warning. According to her colleagues it is nothing to joke about. I zapped through our TV channels to look for a local station (as advised by Cre’s colleagues). I finally found one who’s normal schedule was interrupted by a tornado warning. The TV now showed me a map over the Dallas area (including Plano) and told me that Plano might be hit by a tornado at 17.45. I looked at my watch and it said 17.40. The TV told be to find a storm shelter (no luck there) or a closet or bathroom (not connected to an outer wall). I followed the TV’s instruction to the letter. Because we all know that the TV never lies. With Nadia in my arms I collected pillows and blankets and headed for one of our bathrooms. I tried to make the bathtub as comfortable as possible for us. Then I got a few toys for Nadia (I had no idea how long these things lasts) and my phone. We got into the tub and I called Cre, who hadn’t come home yet. I was afraid she was on the road, which apparently is not a good place to be during a tornado. I was relieved to hear that she was still in the office. The Ericsson office is also in Plano, but she had not heard any tornado alarm.

After 15 minutes Nadia was got very bored with the tub. Her noises now overpowered the sound of the TV so I could no longer hear the tornado updates. After 20 minutes in the tub, we got up and had a look at the TV. It seemed as the tornado missed and was now heading away from our area. Three minutes later Cre comes home. She had asked her colleagues what to do and if it was safe to go home. They looked at the sky and said that it looks safe. I would not be surprised if we were the only people in Texas hiding in the bathtub that evening. But better safe than sorry. And hey, the TV told me to!

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4 Responses to Tornado 1

  1. Unkle Tarara says:

    Looks like comic strips. It starts with a clear blue sky, it ends with a clear blue sky.

  2. Peter Östergren says:

    Hi, Daniel and thanks for the invitation. Sorry to say we don’t have Dallas in our plans for the moment, but yo’ll never know. Last time I was in Plano we had dinner at a place serving alligator and rattle-snakes. Sounds bad but taste like chicken. Say hallo to Cre and Nadia.

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  4. Ionut says:

    When I saw the photo before reading the post, I though that you went prematurely nuts… after only a few days there 🙂
    Gotto love that TV 😀

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