Yesterday it was all rain.
I think we got an around one hour break. I took Nadia for a walk and it was like a sauna out there. I was lucky my watch is also a diving computer so we made it back in one piece. The aim of the walk was to find out what stores we have close by our home. Apparently there’s only a few clothing stores, a cinema and the rest is restaurants and cafes.

The rain started again and me and Nadia where confined to our apartment.
I can’t help but feel a little bit isolated here, but I’m sure it will get better.

For some reason I started to think about Karma the other day. For the whole thing to work you have to bring your consciousness with you when you die to be able to pursue your quest to become a higher standing being. Do you take other things with you as well? I am very scared of, or at least dislike spiders allot. What if I was reborn as a spider? Or to have agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces, and become a bird?! I mean a bird should be a step in the right direction right? If I’m not mistaken on the top of the list is the white cow. But who want to be a lactose intolerant cow? What kind of reward is that?

Woke up this morning to even more rain.

On the airplane from Chicago to Dallas I overheard a guy (apparently very well educated) telling another guy how he owns a 9mm pistol, and sometimes carries it around with him just for the hell of it. I almost forgot we are in the country of guns. Next time I get into our car I will have to check the glove compartment. I thing it would only be fair to offer tourists guns as well, or at least bullet proof wests

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1 Response to Rain!!!

  1. peter says:

    perhaps you can start running so you can roam the streets and call them yours. Remember your old friends from sweden is just a phonecall away.

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