Labor day

Today was labor day.

We celebrated by cooking allot and then going to a big mall.

Nadia got her first ride on a carousel. She didn’t look to excited about it, but what does she know, she’s only seven months old (pushing eight).   The mall also had an ice rink which we did not visit. It had just about any store you can imagine,  but we still had problems finding what we were looking for.  Americans sure are good at hiding things. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it is hard to find stuff in such a big place.

Nadia will get her fourth tooth any day now.

Our GPS tried to drop us off a bridge today, twice.

I am not so impressed with Wal-Mart. They are supposed to have everything. Well, we went in trying to find just a few items, and couldn’t find any.

Fat people were occupying all the benches so Cre had problems finding where to breastfeed Nadia.

Can still not figure out why the last few weeks I’m always humming a song from Star Wars while changing Nadia’s diaper.

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2 Responses to Labor day

  1. Liviu NICHIE says:

    It’s the beginning of a great story.. 🙂 I read all 3 posts and of course I will read the next one too and so on till you’ll came back in Sweden.
    Today I heard that you are already in US and I am glad for you. This is an experience. I’ve seen this from the first post and I think this will be a challenge for everyone of you.
    I wish you good luck !

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