Getting there

First of all I have some explanation to do.
I’m sorry for all of you I did not say good bye to. The truth is that we didn’t know when we were going until 17 hours before we were out the door. That gave us very little time to do anything but packing and preparing for the trip. I also admit that I am very bad at good byes. To be honest I’m equally bad at hellos, and pretty much sucks at everything in between. So you didn’t miss anything.

As you can see I am also writing in English (or at least trying). This is because I’m very cool and have friends from other countries.

This new blog will give you the opportunity to see our experiences through my eyes. My beautiful and smart wife (Crenguta) has been sent for a short time assignment in Plano, Texas. I have tagged along to take care of our little baby girl, Nadia.

Tuesday afternoon, 31st of August, we received our American Visas. Wednesday morning at 07.00 we left our apartment and headed towards Arlanda airport. We left so that we would have plenty of time to check in. When we arrived we saw that it wouldn’t be that easy. It seemed as there had been some sort of medical convention in Stockholm the same week and now everybody was going home at the same time. The queues were humongous. We got to our gate just in time. The personnel were kind enough to allow us on the plane first, as we had a little baby with us. The boarding finished quickly but we didn’t go anywhere fore quite some time. For some reason we were delayed. Bad news for us that had a connecting flight in Chicago. But it didn’t worry us too much as we had three hours to transfer.

We landed in Chicago nine hours later (around 20 Swedish time) with two ours to complete our transfer. First up was the border control (crazy queues again) where they verified our Visas, they took a photo of each person and mine and Cre’s fingerprints. Then we went to pick up all our luggage. We brought the luggage through customs who thankfully decided to ignore us and we put all our bags back on another conveyer belt for transferring passengers. Security check. Off with the shoes, belt two laptops. No beeps. Now we find out that our connecting flight to Dallas will depart from another terminal. Off we go. With less than a hour to spare we arrive at the other terminal. We stand in line to get our new boarding passes. A very short line but my god it was moving slowly. We were praying we were in the right queue because we couldn’t get any straight answers from anyone. Turns out we were in the right queue and we get our boarding passes. I ask the lady if we will make it in time. She calms our worries and says that it won’t be a problem. Another security check with a loooong queue. I ask the man controlling our boarding passes if we have enough time to make our flight (I’m worried because of the line in front of us), he says yes. Off with shoes, belt and up with laptops. No beeps. Nadia has fallen asleep in the babybjörn despite our jogging between “stations”. Now it is less than 15 minutes to our flight and I ask a lady at the security check one last time if we will make it. She says yes. Cre runs before me with Nadia in her arms while I pack our stuff again and secure my pants with the belt the security find so interesting and potentially dangerous. Turns out that we have to run quite far to reach our gate. We get there with 5 minutes to spare only to find out that the gate is closed and no more passengers will be let on. 😦 They place us on a flight from another terminal two hours later. Crap! This wouldn’t be such a big´g deal perhaps, if we did not travel with a little baby. It was now way passed her bed time and we were still moving.

We got to the new terminal and sat down by our gate and watched as our flight slowly was delayed minute by minute. Apparently there was bad weather in Dallas. We got some food in us and Nadia got a few minutes of sleep. We boarded our flight that ended up being just over one hour delayed and we were on our way again. Nadia slept more or less for the full two hour flight and we landed around 5 Swedish time.
It went fast to get our luggage as they arrived on the previous flight and we headed towards the rental car. To get there we had to get on some bus with all our things so we decided not to, and took a cab directly to hour new home instead. 25 minutes drive and we were finally there and soon we were all asleep. At least for a while.

Nadia woke up around her normal Swedish time which gave us three solid hours of sleep. Cre tried all her tricks but Nadia wouldn’t go back to sleep. Since Cre was going to work the same day I took Nadia to the other room. We played a little bit, and then I put her surrounded by toys and a pair of scissors (for excitement) while I unpacked our stuff.
A little later Cre woke up. We ate breakfast and then left to get our rental car (some Mazda I think). Cre left for work and I went home with Nadia. And so everything begins.

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