5 days

Early on we learned to hate our Mazda’s baby seat. Now we love it. But still ice-cream is better.

I gave Cre a crash course in driving without a stick. Cre is a quick learner. I hear that Cre is having long and intense discussions with our GPS on a daily basis.

Our home is very nice. An apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two walk-in closets one living room/kitchen. Just across the road we have a common area, gym and a outdoor pool.

I don’t trust our GPS. It has a weird sense of humor that perhaps in time we will learn to appreciate. Right now, not so much.

You cannot get anywhere without a car.

Our car cannot get anywhere without us.

The GPS will do the same thing to us that our mobiles have done with phone numbers. Soon we will not be able to find our way anywhere without the little box.

Wal-Mart, US largest supermarket has two kinds of fish.

We cannot afford an exorcist, so we will not use the dishwasher ever again.

Everybody is very friendly here.

No one seem to have seen a cuter baby than Nadia.

Everything is big. You cannot find a small package of anything.

Our GPS took us to IKEA the other day. We bought some stuff and had lunch. Then the GPS took us home without any problem. It is plotting something big, I am sure of it.

First time shopping I wanted to buy Listerine. I found something that sounded awfully disgusting. I bough it of course thinking it would be funny to use something that makes your mouth fresh, clean and smelling weird at the same time. Cre did not chare my enthusiasm and yesterday we bought a new regular Listerine.

The place is nice. I think we will be fine here.

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3 Responses to 5 days

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  2. peter says:

    take care and dont let the gps boss u around, im sure it smells fear!

  3. Ionut says:

    Nice to hear you’ve all set in and you like it. By the sound of it, your new place looks a bit similar with your home 🙂
    I love my GPS. And SHE, never bosses me around. Without it I would be lost in this small city 😛
    And, yes, there’s no cuter baby than Nadia in that Texas of theirs.

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